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RooPads are gainging in popularity!

In 1999 I started making RooPads (Kangaroo Skin Saxophone pads) in my small shop in Mississippi. The air there was so humid that everyone's pads were sticking. Coming from NY, I had not seen anything like it. I did some research and found that Kangaroo Skin, when properly tanned, will not stick and is incredibly durable. Having tried to make saxophone pads from various other leathers including, goat, kid, sheep and deer, I was getting pretty good at making pads by hand. Although the results were very nice, it took me nearly 8 hours to make a complete set. That's when I started to have these pads produced for me by Precision USA; an excellent pad company for which is now the sole distributor. Precision was the only company that agreed to make these pads for us by hand, to our specifications.

Today RooPads, both the Black SaxGourmet pads and the white RooPads, are well known as the highest quality pads available for saxophone. RooPads have withstood the test of time. Even the most skeptical technicians offer RooPad overhauls and when they do, both the technician and player are amazed at how well the horn plays. The finest players in the U.S. and abroad are using RooPads on their horns, and insist on RooPads.

So many players are excited about RooPads, it's incredible. Some of the great players using RooPads include:

Kenneth Coon, Baritone Saxophonist -The Rascher Saxophone Quartet

James Carter, International Recording Artist

Paquito D'Rivera, International Recording Artist

Wess 'WarmDaddy' Anderson, Saxophone Professor Julliard School of Music

Jay Mason, Baritone Saxophone Gordon Goodwins Big Phat Band

Wally West, Tenor Saxophonist

Trent Kynaston, Saxophone Professor Western Michigan University

In addition to excellent players using RooPads there are many technicians around the world using RooPads on their instruments. We are honored that the following technicians recommend RooPads as the finest pads available.

Jeff Peterson,
Horn Improvement

Dell Knickerbocker, Quinlawn and Fabish

Eric Satterlee, Meridian winds

Matt Stohrer, Sam Ash, NY, NY

Mike Manning
, Manning Custom Woodwinds.

Jim Scimonetti, Scimonetti Band and Orchestra

Steve Stransky, World Wide Sax

Steve Goodson

There are many more great repair shops, players and manufacturers using our RooPads on their instruments I am working on a list of players and techs that are using RooPads. If you would like to be listed, please contact me.