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Repair clinics in Washington State.

You are very cordially invited to one of three repair clinics in Washington State this weekend.

Thursday Dec. 9th 2 hour repair clinic, "Tuning and Toning the Saxophone." A brief discussion of why the saxophone is what it is and how to improve on it.

Friday, I will be at Renton Technical College talking to the Students of Dan Bainbridge. I'm really excited to talk to the students at Renton, it is the first time I've gone and I keep hearing good things about the school. We are going to get into more involved discussion during the day about the woodwind repair industry.

My goal is to give the students another perspective. I'm super-excited to tell the students about the new Sax ProShop and share some of the new ideas we've gleaned from having this great new shop! I hope I can inspire some of the students to push the envelope with their own work by showing them the path that we have created.

I will be documenting the repair school via my cell phone on Facebook so, check out my FaceBook page for updates!

Saturday at 10:00 I'll be giving an open session (free and open to the public) at Renton. The facilities at Renton are recently updated and improved. Dan is hoping to share these accomplishments and progress with local repair techs. I'm honored that he has asked me to talk to these technicians. If you're in or near Renton this weekend, grab a coffee (after your late Saturday gig) and come check out the new stuff at Renton!!

In summary,
Thursday, CWU sax studio
Friday, Renton Repair Students
Saturday, Open session for local technicians.

Thanks for reading and maybe I'll see you there!