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Our Overhaul, The Uberhaul

Our Overhaul, The Uberhaul

Mission: Uberhaulcenter
A saxophonist lives life in stages beginning with the purchase of a new horn. The new horn works well and the saxophonist is happy. From that day on, the instrument goes further and further into disrepair. New instruments, by design, are not serviceable or stable. Even the finest saxophones use inferior materials and insufficient glue behind the pads. Every repair lessens the instrument's life and its ability to be repaired. Finally, the repairs are too numerous, the sax is too bent and worked, and it needs an overhaul.

The overhaul improves the instrument's play-ability, but decreases its life span. The instrument plays better and the saxophonist is happy, but again the instrument goes further and further into disrepair; only this time the disrepair happens faster. Soon the instrument is ready for another overhaul. With each overhaul the instrument is brought back to playing condition and its life is shortened. To you, the saxophonist, this means years of playing an instrument that is constantly changing and constantly going into disrepair. The instrument will only be at its best for a short time before you begin to compromise. This cycle is part of every saxophonist's life and, until now, was only avoidable by going through an unreasonable amount of maintenance.

The Sax ProShop was founded with the vision of improving saxophones through innovative and revolutionary repair techniques of the highest quality. We intend to change the paradigm of saxophone repair, thus elevating the saxophone to a new level and changing the lives of saxophonists. To realize this vision we have developed a unique assembly-line approach to saxophone repair. Every aspect of the process is completed by a highly trained specialist. With our work we create instruments that play their very best and continue to play well for....ever? We call this job an Uberhaul.

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