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Our Clarinet Pads have been Upgraded!

Earlier this year, hired a new high-powered, mostly all-knowing, General Manager, Jeff Massa. Jeff came to us as a saxophonist working in our Sax ProShop,  and we soon discovered his secret passion he tried to keep quiet from the ProShop: the clarinet.

Hjeffblogailing from Rhode Island, where so many clarinet players, including his parents, fled from the persecution of the Boston Flautists, Jeff's upbringing gave him a true appreciation of the subtle nuances of the clarinet world. Jeff has brought with him truckloads of knowledge to about a variety of instruments, but a true passion the clarinet, so one of his first tasks here as General Manager was diving head first into improving our entire clarinet pad line.

If you buy your saxophone pads at, you know that our pads are continually improving and our delivery is faster than ever! Our highest quality pads are on the horns of some of the world’s greatest saxophonists, and Jeff wants that to continue into the clarinet industry.

Today, the PadCompany is proud to announce that our American made, premium clarinet pads have been upgraded! Made in-house and tested by our technicians, we are delighted to be able to offer you our new Premium Clarinet Pads. We’ve streamlined our production, improved our materials, and when ordering you can be assured that you will receive premium pads with free shipping.  Jeff is so proud of them, he'll even send you a free sample. 

Oh yeah... the shipping and turnaround time? One business day. Yup. One single day. We crank these little gems out for you, and with a quality you have to see to believe.

Write us today, and Jeff himself will personally ship you out a sample. We know you are going to love these beauties just as much as Jeff does!

Just email us at, and we will get you a sample out the door the next day.  If you want to speak to Jeff directly, white him at