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North Carolina Saxophone Ensemble to play at the Navy Symposium!

I'm super excited and really disappointed all at once. 

The Saxophone Ensemble that I play with, The North Carolina Saxophone Ensemble, was asked to play for the Navy Saxophone Symposium this year.

This new and energetic group is comprised of outstanding players from all-over North Carolina. This will be the Premier Performance for the group and everyone is really looking forward to it. If you're in the US, you should get on a plane, train, or take a bus to Fairfax VA and check out the ensemble!

So, why am I disappointed? This year the Symposium conflicts with the NAMM show in Anaheim CA. Although usually exhibits, and gives clinics, at the Symposium this year it's not possible. So I (Curt) will be in Anaheim CA at the NAMM show while my group is playing at the Symposium.

I'm really excited for all the players in the group! Break a leg!

To learn more about the Symposium go to their website here:

The North Carolina Saxophone Ensemble is playing on Saturday the 16th. There is a schedule here: ... hedule.pdf