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New Pad Cup Aligning Tool

We recently introduced our new Spring Bending Lever, which was designed by with the help of the technicians at the Sax ProShop to improve and accelerate spring tensioning. While working on that particular tool, the technicians realized that aligning pad cups could also be improved. After all, trying to grab the spine with a pair of pliers and twisting the tool without slipping in order to bend the pad cup seems like a rather inaccurate method.

As the primary "aligner of pad cups" in the Sax ProShop, Ryan was especially excited when our tool designer came out with the Pad Cup Aligning Lever and he has fondly been referring to it as his "T-Pal". This T-shaped tool easily slides in between the keys and grabs the key arm behind the pad cup, with the pad cup and spine fitting inside the special cut-away of the lever. Aligning the pad cup is simple, because the tool has a safe hold on the cup and the handle offers a good grip and great leverage. Pad cups can easily be adjusted without taking the keys off, which is not only more accurate, but also saves time and money.

We have more new tools to introduce, so check back shortly for updates! Let us know if you have any questions about this tool or any others on our website: