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NAMM: Day one was a blast!

What a great time we had yesterday at the 2011 NAMM show! I hope some of you can come visit us at the show throughout the rest of the week. From the moment the show started, we were in the booth full of great old friends and many new.

As a company, is young enough that I remember our first NAMM show, boy have things changed. I remember the skeptical looks on faces when we introduced a new tool or concept. Folks would come to the booth with hesitant curiosity. Now, technicians are running to the booth the tell us how this tool or that tool has changed their work.

One of the most interesting things this year is the number technicians that tell us they no longer use a gas torch in their shops to install pads. Folks are really liking our Air Torch™ and Z-Gun for installing pads. I told you so! After dinner last night, Rich and I had a long conversation about next year and how things are going to go. As usual for the NAMM show, we're really excited to be here but we're anxious to get back and implement our ideas for a great new year.

Another comment we are hearing a lot is that the speed and service at is way better. This is something that Rich, Buck, Marvin and Mitch have worked very hard to make a reality. We didn't tell anyone but we decided to try and get orders out same day, answer Emails same day and always do everything it takes to satisfy our customers. It was really great to hear from people who noticed and appreciate what we're doing at!

Talking to our customer and clients always makes me proud to be part of such a great company. I consider it an honor to work with the folks at MusicMedic and a privilege to work for the players and techs that support us. Keep up the good work and let's all have a great year!

See you at the show!