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My northeastern travels

What a wild and wonderful trip through the northeastern United States! I had a great time seeing lots of repair shops, meeting new friends, seeing the sights, and even got to take my beautiful little daughter on vacation for a few days. All of the videos from the shops I visited are below, along with a video tour of my own shop.

At NFA, everyone I talked to was excited about the improvements in our pads and lots of people were interested in trying our RooPads for piccolo. Everyone who is interested in getting a sample is welcome to email me and I'll get one sent out to you.  

Next, I visited 7 repair shops in the Washington DC area and 2 in New York City.  Check them out!

1. Randy Mueller Band Instrument Repair- Washington D.C.

Randy's shop video 1

2. Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center- Wheaton, MD.

Washington Music Center video 2

3. Music & Arts- Frederick, MD.

Music & Arts video 3

4. Lee Lachman Woodwind Services- College Park, MD.

Lee Lachman video 4

5. L & L Music- Gaithersburg, MD.

L & L video 5

6. Ann and Steve's Music- Catonsville, MD.

Ann & Steve's video 6

7. Bill's Music- Catonsville, MD.

Bill's Music video 7

8. Roberto's Winds- New York, NY.

Roberto's video 8

9. Perry Ritter- New York, NY.

Perry Ritter video 9

Thanks to everyone who took the time to show me around their shops!  Some of you had some questions about my shop, so I took a quick video tour of the Sax ProShop.  

Sax ProShop video 10