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One of the attendees of the Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Tobias Haecker, wrote an interesting article reviewing the exhibitors he found most interesting. was naturally one of the vendors he mentioned:

“ is a major American online store that principally offers a large selection of repair and construction tools/materials for wind instruments. In the past I have purchased their saxophone repair kit, for example, which has helped me out on quite a few occasions. I took the opportunity this year to acquire another spring hook, since one cannot simply buy one at the home improvement store around the corner, after all. On Friday they even turned out to be my life-savers, when shortly before a performance I suddenly discovered that the neck octave pad was missing. Frantically, I ran to their booth and they actually managed to fix it right there! For that, I would like to thank the awesome and friendly people from once more!”

You can find the whole article on Haecker's blog at ... esse-2012/