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MusicMedic Sax ProShop Makes Necks!

Sax ProShop Necks Sax ProShop Necks

We just checked in with the Sax ProShop on their most recent projects are we're really excited to tell you about it! For years, they have been altering and cutting necks, retapering them, adding liners, altering and changing the octave pips, and many other experiments in order to learn how to precisely control tone, intonation, and response. Due to the Sax ProShop's increased focus on manufacturing, they have now ventured into making necks from scratch. The first of the beautifully handcrafted Sax ProShop necks have just gone up on the website, and more models will be introduced in the coming months.

In addition to the models that are in the works, they can custom make any neck. Let us know what you need, and they will work with you to design it. Sax ProShop necks can be made from nearly any material or any thickness, and custom tenon sizes are available as well. Unusual neck requests may incur a shared tooling charge for creating a new mandrel. There are several beautiful necks in stock for the Conn 12M baritone, and necks are in progress and being tested for the Buescher Big B Baritone, King Zephyr alto, Selmer Mark VI tenor, and more! At this time, they can't comment on the differences between the types of materials and thicknesses. However, we are very pleased with the tonal and intonation improvements that the Sax ProShop necks offer, and we think you will be too! Check them out Here!

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