Free Shipping! shellac sticks and Z-gun are put to the test!

In a recent NAPBIRT clinic given by Carl Thacker of Carl's Pro Band, Carl tested our Shellac right there under the watchful eye of a panel of NAPBIRT technicians.

After the Clinic, Carl sent me an Email about his finding. Check out Carl's test!

"Hey thanks guys! Got your stuff in time for the Sat. clinic. I did a cool demo on you shellac. I used some old key cups, pads and your shellac.

1 with clean nickel plated cup & pad
1 with etched nickel plated cup & pad
1 with UMI OG pad and hot glue from junk Conn 21M
1 with Jeff Smiths amber hot glue & pad
1 with brass cup, shellac & pad
1 with etched brass cup, shellac & pad
1 with nickel cup shellac and no pad

I put them in the freezer over night at the Napbirt training center. I had on idea what was going to happen.
I pulled them out while in the clinic and started the test.
I started slamm'in the keys on the vice. None fell out so I used a screwdriver to pry on the pads.
The Conn UMI hot glue came right out and had little glue in the cup.
The JL Smith hot glue that I installed was hard to come out. The etching was with a hand scraper and seem to be a little stronger bond.
Here is the surprising part the shellac was very hard to come out and when it did, it had some shellac in the cup
and some on the back of the pad.
The Shellac that was in the cup with on pad did not come out with beating it on the vise!!!!!

Cold region Techs worry about this because traditionally shellac falls out in the cold. The test was a big surprise to everyone.

Also FYI your post swedging tool went over well to. I'm not sure that you are aware of this but I used it on the top stack C key
King super 20. The south side of that key has nowhere to swedge so I used the post pliers and it worked great!

You need to make a smaller version for Clarinet and Oboe.

Hope this helps,

Carl Thacker" 

Thanks Carl!

To learn more about Carl and Travis Thacker (a couple of outstanding techs!) or Carl's Pro Band check out their website: