Free Shipping! Key Cutters

It's obvious that this world needs great key fitting tools. Yes some exist but not the quality and versatility that we want in key cutters. So, the crew is in the process of creating some great new cutters, post and key facers, pivot screw countersinks and more. You're going to love these when they're done. We've been developing this system for years and now some of the final elements are in place to finish it up.
Made completely here in Wilmington NC, the new key cutters are almost ready for production. It may only be a month (that's not a promise, more like a hope) before these great new key cutters hit the site. Completely designed and manufactured here, you know they're going to be great. So, if new key fitting tools are in your future, you might want to wait for these.
2screw 1screw 3screw

Curt asked that you write him with what you like and don't like about your current key shorteners and pivot screw counter sinks. Also, if you have any idea (with pictures if you can) please send them. We have not finalized the design so get your two cents in before we hit the grinding wheel with these tools.