Free Shipping! custom pads!

Did you know that offers custom pads? If you've been a long time customer, you remember that in the past, we could only offer the pads we had on our website. Custom and special orders came at a big price.

Now, the PadCompany at can make you any pad for any instrument.
Any size.
Any thickness.
Any material.

 bigpadssmallreso 6-30-2014

Just tell us what to make and, for a very reasonable price, we'll make it up for you. Turnaround is usually around a day.

The PadCompany only uses the finest materials available in the world and we are constantly improving our pads and processes.

It’s time to try a set of our standard pads or order those pads you've always wanted.

Call us today at 910.667.0270 or email us at for more information.