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Mixing Epoxy for Palm key risers and such

OK, Here's a quick shop tip that someone out there is going to enjoy.

The problem:
Mixing epoxy is messy and it gets air bubbles.

Adding heat to epoxy makes it flow much better and takes out the air bubbles. It also, makes it thin and thus difficult to work with.

The solution:
Red Bull or any Soda-type can. Tip the can over and mix your epoxy in the concave bottom of the can. If you need to heat the mixture the can will hold a little heat for you and the sides will cool much faster than the epoxy -so you have a place to grab the can.

I heat the can with a hot air gun.

Note: I never checked on the health implications of mixing epoxy on a can or even heating it up. Do this at you own risk and if it's a beer can, do it at you leisure.