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Merry X-Brace! Adding a Conn X Brace to Kenneth Coons Buescher Baritone Sax!

The Rascher Saxophone Quartet!

Here's a cool and unusual modification we did in the New sax-repair-facility. The Bari in question belongs to our good friend and RooPad endorser, Kenneth Coon of the Rascher Saxophone Quartet. When we overhauled Ken's Bari we talked a lot about the wimpy brace that holds the bell and body together on Buescher Baris and how adding a new brace would sturdy the instrument and possibly improve the sound of the instrument. Since Ken's Bari is heavily modified already, adding a brace would not affect the resale value and we suppose that adding a brace would increase the value as now there is really no question that this is in fact, Kenneth Coon's Bari Sax.

What pushed the project forward was when Ken dropped the Bari traveling in Asia gigging with the Quartet. The horn was repaired locally as a quick fix. As soon as he could Ken came back to the states to have us get it really going. After fixing the bell dents, it was obvious that this would be the perfect time (it was Christmas time) to add the.... Merry X-Brace!

This picture was taken before the Brace was added.

This old pic of the bari shows it without the Brace.

Here is the Kens Bari Conn-0-fied... with a factory OEM X-brace cut, buffed, brazed and plated.

Here are a couple more shots of the Bari and the Brace. The guys at the Conn Factory would really appreciate this!