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Meeting of the Minds: Sax ProShop and Theo Wanne Collaboration

We are going to have an exciting few days here at the Sax ProShop next week, with several guests from the Theo Wanne company.

Theo Wanne and the Sax ProShop have been working together to make a very unique saxophone, the MANTRA, the best it can be. Theo's design for the Mantra implements many unique features to help realize his dream of a super-resonant saxophone: an altered neck and body tube shape and size, a reduction in the amount of parts soldered onto the body, and a reticulated finish both inside the body and outside are just a few of the features.


To my knowledge, there is no other manufacturer that puts as much time and care into their saxophones as Theo and his gang do with the MANTRA. In order to have excellent control over all aspects of the work, we completely assemble and set-up every instrument in the Sax ProShop. That means we make the pads, we fit the keys, we level everything, and we do what no factory in the world can do. The end result is a saxophone that plays with the huge tone that Theo is after and with the mechanical precision that the Sax ProShop demands.

We will be joined by Bryan Vance, of Theo Wanne, and Tim Price, a Theo Wanne featured endorsing artist, for a two day exploration of set-up on the Theo Wanne MANTRA tenor.

Tim Price, a Berklee College of Music graduate, is one of the country's foremost woodwind artists. As one of the Selmer Company's most requested clinicians, Tim travels worldwide performing with and teaching student and professional jazz ensembles. Tim teaches jazz saxophone at the New School University in New York City, one of the top jazz schools in the world.

In the days leading up to their arrival, the Sax ProShop has been hard at work, setting up and perfecting a horn especially for Tim, and we are looking forward to collaborating with Bryan and Tim in person. Tim has had a lot of input on the design of the MANTRA, helping to make improvements to the horn's tone and playability.

Tim will be able to test his own personal MANTRA which is set up to his specifications, Theo's "sound concept" horn, the horn that the Sax ProShop has just set up, and MANTRA's that have been set-up to standard specifications. Tim and the Sax ProShop will use the comparisons of the different horns to further improve the set-up and manufacturing process for the MANTRA.

For two days, all five specialists in the Sax ProShop plus Bryan and Tim will be focusing on nothing but the MANTRA in an elaborate meeting of the minds! With so many specialists, the Sax ProShop can immediately implement ANY change that Tim wants, and Tim will be able to test the result while he is here. There's a lot of pretty cool possibilities!

Later on in October, Theo and Curt will be able to meet at the Shanghai trade show to discuss the findings from the session with Tim, in addition to other exciting details for the future of the MANTRA saxophone. Stay tuned!