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Letter from Mike Mortarotti

After our recent visit from Mike Mortaratti, of the MANA Quartet, I received this nice letter about the horn and Mike's Visit. I've also heard from at least one player, who tried Mikes Alto, that "It's the nicest Alto, I've ever played."

At the ProShop, we set out to do the finest work imaginable and produce exceptional saxophones no matter what condition they come to us in. Every time I get a letter from a player who appreciates what we do, I can't help but feel a great deal of pride for the shop I work in and the wonderful I work with and for. Thanks everyone and have a great weekend!


"Hey Curt,

Finally settled back in Phoenix, since the intense tour in Florida this past month.
I've now had a chance to really get into the new alto and it's working out great! I really appreciate all of the work that you guys put in...especially into the usually overlooked fine tuning. So rare these days! Looking back at the scene at the shop, it's ridiculous - you, Matt, Kellie, and me all super intense on one alto for two days straight... did you even make any money? Anyway, it was a great time and I hope we can do it again soon!

Great seeing you guys and thanks for everything,