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Some kind words from Kai!


We received some wonderfully kind words from our new friend Kai who spent a week at the Sax ProShop learning about how we approach saxophone repair.
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His enthusiasm was inspiring to all of us, and he even helped us to improve some of the articles we had on the website while he was here!  We're so glad to have worked with you, Kai, and we'd like to invite anyone else who's curious about what we do to check out our different Ubercourses!
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We have two different courses available to participants: the 5 Day ProShop Immersion Program and the 10 Day UberTraining Course. Read more about the Uber Courses here!


Here's what Kai had to say about his time at the Sax ProShop:


Hi All!

Now that I'm finally back home I've had a little time to review my incredible week at the Proshop.  First I want to apologize for a somewhat abrupt exit Friday. I really would have loved to see that sax body drawn on the mandrel! I hope you'll post a video.  Truth is I was so psyched to get back and play my Uberhauled (mostly) horn and recount as much as I could to my friends.  

I've gained much insight and confidence about the process, materials and techniques from all of you.  I knew going in that this course was going to be a bit over my head, which might have posed a challenge to all of you.  If it was, none of you showed it.  Instead, you were all patient and clear with your explanations.  Most evident was the level of professionalism, enthusiasm and adherence to the highest standards.  I can't say I'll remember every single step and procedure, but I have a really good road map!  So I thank you all for that!  Lastly, I want to thank you for the hospitality that you've extended to me throughout the whole week -- it really helped to make the whole experience a positive and enlightening.  

I can't wait to get those Yanis back!  I just know they're going to be terrific!

I think anyone who owns a decent horn should take the course. You can quote me on that, too!

With great respect,Kai