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Jason DuMars progress on our Sax ProShop Bass

Jason has been hard at work engraving our bass. He posted a few pictures on Facebook the other day on the process. Here's a recap if you didn't previously catch it:

The first space, completed.

Close-up of the space. You can see the guidelines in the other areas.

Before the shading was done. Just so you can see the evolution.

Guidelines done, and some drawings that went along with videos I am taking during this process.

These are the basic shapes engraved along the lines drawn earlier. Let me tell you, wiggling long, straight lines on a curved brass surface is not easy!

Showing where the original marks were before I removed them. I normally don't do this, but with the geometric precision required, I had to.

Before engraving, I used straight edges and a grease pencil to get the basic shapes.

Basic lines done in grease pencil, before the center circle.

Follow Jason and check out all his work on his website here.