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International Saxophone Symposium

OMG, this is big. The Sax ProShop is going on a road trip! It's not just Curt giving a clinic or a couple of the techs hitting BK for lunch. This is ALL 7 of the highly trained specialists from the world's largest saxophone repair shop, which is also the only assembly line style saxophone repair shop anywhere... The current plan is that all 7 will attend the International Saxophone Symposium in Fairfax, Virginia on January 4-5, 2013. Yep, seven of the worlds most highly trained and specialized techs all in one place. But wait... there's more... They are going to bring their benches, tools, materials, a lathe... this is going to be cool.

If you bring your horn, they can look it over for you and tell you what's up. The guys are also available for Uberhaul quotes, repairs, small modifications, and tuning and toning advice. If you've ever considered having an Uberhaul done on your sax, bring it! If you have tuning issues that no one has been able to solve, bring your horn. If you want to know what modifications are possible on your baby, bring it! If you just want a neck cork... well, they can do that, too. And if you're planning on getting an Uberhaul done, you can hand it to us right there instead of shipping it; we'll quote it and take it back with us.

The shop has already scheduled a number of repairs for these two days, so to make sure that your horn gets in the hands of the ProShop techs, your best bet is to schedule an appointment with us right now! Email Matt at for scheduling. All spots that are not taken will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis.

See you there!