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Home Sweet Home

The busy traveling season is over here at now that Curt has returned from his latest trip to Renton, WA, where he taught 2 all-day clinics and attended meetings at Renton Technical College. Curt enjoyed spending time with his friend, Instructor Dan Bainbridge, and the dedicated students of Dan's Band Instrument Repair class. Dan's course is known to be one of the best in the country and next year's students are already lined up with a growing waiting list for the program. Thank you, Dan, for opening up your classroom, sharing ideas at the Advisory Board meeting on Friday, and enjoying some gin during a sleepless night out in Seattle. Thanks also to all of the students who attended the clinics! Curt enjoyed meeting everyone and is proud to see such promising talent entering the industry.

While traveling is fun and his many trips around the country and world so far in 2013 have been productive and rewarding, Curt is very happy to be spending the next few months at home with his family here in Wilmington. Welcome back, Curt!