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Had a great time in Tempe AZ!

Over the weekend I taught a full day clinic in Tempe Arizona about saxophone overhauls, modifications, and tuning. The clinic was presented by NAPBIRT and hosted by my good friend Mike Nye, ofMike Nye's Instrument repair.

NAPBIRT is a wonderful organization where learning seems to be the only goal. For any of you that are considering joining, or have let your membership lapse, I strongly suggest you get on board. Bill Matthews and the whole team at NAPBIRT are really doing a great job educating technicians and improving the trade of Band instrument repair. Long Live NAPBIRT!

Mike is an awesome clinic host. I understand that Mike is hoping to have a different clinician in each year for his annual full day clinic. Keep an eye on who Mike brings in next year, I heard some ideas thrown around and they all sounded great! The full-day clinic is an excellent opportunity for those hoping to get more detailed instruction. Thanks Mike and crew, You all rock!

A home-team high five also goes to my friends with whom I work at When I'm preparing to give a clinic like this, everyone at the shop steps up to help. They pulled together on this and gave me the time I needed to prepare. Thanks guys and gals, you are truly the best. Thursday Lunch is on me.

Although I had way more to talk about than we were able to work through in the time allotted, I think a good time was had by all. Thanks so much to all clinic attendees. Your kindness, questions and thirst for knowledge made my day! If any of you have any questions please call or drop me an Email.

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Thanks again to you all and keep in touch!