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Growth and Change of the ProShop

A totally new approach to saxophone overhauls....

Imagine working at, or bringing your horn to, a repair shop that only tries to do the best work, regardless of the time or money spent. A shop that is constantly improving even when that improvement leads to uncharted territory and hours of creative innovating. That's what we had in our old Sax ProShop.

This sounds like a great place to work doesn't it? It was, in fact it was a blast and we tried desperately to keep that shop alive.

Then we hit a wall. We found that our work was consistently great and players were lined up for it but, we also had a huge 2-3 year waiting list. Players were becoming impatient and we could not find enough time to innovate and improve.

Out of necessity, we hired more technicians and things did not improve. We found it more and more difficult to keep our quality at a consistent level. As a player, you know the drill... A tech does great work and gets a great reputation. Soon, you can't get that technician to look at your horn. If you're lucky enough to get your horn to that shop at all, it's likely going to be someone you don't know doing the work. Traditionally, this has been the fate of the specialist technician, and it was clearly where we were going with our ProShop. We decided to stop that momentum and find a solution, not just another helper.

The NEW ProShop and it's team of specialists is the answer to this riddle: and it's completely new and unique in every way.

In designing the new shop, we took some great risks. The current model of a saxophone repair shop was too limiting, so we decided to completely retool in order to improve the quality of our work and facilitate future growth and improvement. We freed ourselves of all traditions and the new shop was born!

The Sax ProShop doesn't look like other shops you've seen. It doesn't function like the shop your Dad brought his sax to, and the technicians in it don't do what you think they do. The Sax ProShop takes the idea of specialization to an entirely new level. I believe this new shop will prove to the be the greatest advancement in saxophone repair in the history of the instrument.

Unlike the shop we were reluctantly becoming, the Sax ProShop is designed to simultaneously grow and improve. We are now able to isolate each section of the saxophone overhaul. These segments are critiqued, improved, and placed in proper chronological order. New techniques or a complete change in procedure can be implemented before lunch. Any changes made are instantly applied to each instrument in the shop. Every technician we add makes our work better and brings things even more under control. We are finding that the final outcome is better and more consistent work than we could have imagined and it all stems freeing our minds.

To our clients, the new shop means that a team of specialists will perfect their instrument from start to finish. Every single procedure done to the instrument is well planned constantly improving and double triple or quadruple checked before it gets anywhere near going out our door.

Now that you know why we made the new shop, I'm going to tell you how the new shop functions and how it's laid out in the next article.