Free Shipping!

Greetings from bustling Washington DC!

I just finished up several days of exhibiting at the NFA convention in downtown. The show was a blast and we had a great reception to our tools and supplies! The comments I heard most frequently were about the pads which are now making right at in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Over the years, our flute and clarinet pads have gone from not-so-good to good to now great. The feedback I got about the pads was that many of you at the show were very interested in getting some sample pads from us, so send me an email and I'll have our pad and shipping departments get some out to you right away. I can even send you a sample of some of those crazy and wonderful RooPads for piccolo that so many of you liked at the show. If you weren't able to make it to NFA, you can still email me and I'll get some samples made up and sent right out. I got great feedback on all of our bladder pads at the show and I'm very interested to hear what you all have to say about them.

Now I'm off to visit some music stores in Washington DC, Baltimore, Boston, Rhode Island, and New York City! As I go to the shops, I'll make some short videos so you can see what the shops look like in the northeastern USA. Check out my videos on Facebook and YouTube throughout the next week to get the scoop.

Now I'm off to get a rental car and begin gallivanting through my old stomping grounds!