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Glamour Shots

In the Sax ProShop we take glamour shots of many of the horns we work on. You've seen some of them on Curt's facebook and, if your horn was Uberhauled, you may have gotten some in your email. Now we're starting a new project to document and honor the great horns we're privileged to work on. When you enter the Sax ProShop website, there's a link on the right hand side called "Glamour Shots." It will take you to a photo gallery of professional saxophones and the modifications that we did to them. If you work on saxophones or play them, you will appreciate having the ability to find a specific instrument with its modifications.

Check back often! We will keep adding pictures of horns to the list as we Uberhaul them in the Sax ProShop.

Our goal: To create the world's largest collection of pro-saxophone pictures.