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From The NAPBIRT convention in Tampa Florida!

When I walked in the door from my trip to Messe in Germany, with only one day to get ready for the NAPBIRT convention, I thought I would come back to the shop and tell the guys everything I had done and put out a BUNCH of fires. To my delight, the guys already had the fires out and they had their own stories to tell. While I was gone the guys took care of everything (again) and things ran slick as whistle. Even the "new guy" in the repair shop, Dan Bender, is absolutely kill'in it. Rich had the supply side under control, Matt had the guys training the repair shop and everything was humming. Thanks so much guys you rock!

There's an excitement in the air that you can't help but appreciate and I know that comes from you guys and your hard work. Again, thanks so much! Matt, Rich, Buck Marvin and Dan, you guys are the best!

Alas, now it's back in the road. Matt Scott, Rich Zimmerman and I are at the NAPBIRT convention in Tampa now and we're having a blast. The national NAPBIRT convention is one of the coolest things we get to do each year. Imagine a week of focused study in what you love to do with the greatest professionals in the country staying just a room or two away.

Rich is stoked to meet more of the customers that he works with. Rich handles everything, big and small, like a pro and (if you ask me) this is the time when he gets sit back and enjoy the positive comments about his work from the people he's helping.

Matt is working to set up the new shop. The sax shop will be the biggest saxophone repair shop that I've ever heard of. The way we're setting up is completely different than anything I've ever seen. It's a great idea because we have three things that we want from this new shop.
1. Quality.
2. Quality.
3. Quality.
With this in mind Matt is picking the brains of these great techs here. Matt's mission in life (and for this trip) is to further the design of the largest, fastest and best saxophone repair shop anywhere. -How cool is that? Again, I'll try and keep you updated on how this goes as the show progresses.

And me, I'm just taking it all in and enjoying the show. With guys like this handling things and just being super-cool, I have plenty of time to just chat and learn.

This is the morning of day 2 of the conference. The guys and gals at the NAPBIRT office did a fabulous job of setting everything up. Everyone seems super-stoked to be here. It won't be easy because this week will jammed with Exhibiting, clinic going, learning and merriment but, I'll try and get some pictures and details for those of you that are techs and can't make it to the show.