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Eric Satterlee, YOU ROCK!

The other day I came back to my desk after lunch to the most wonderful thing... There was a package from my good friend Eric Satterlee, maker of the MDRS and owner of Meridian Winds.

Well, the last time I had a package on my desk from Eric it was a framed mock-Diploma from a Saxophone Repair University with my name on it. I expected something similarly silly...

But, not this time! The package was one of those things that only a Sax Tech would drool over...And man, what a cool gift! A huge bag of, what appear to be, original Conn "X" braces with feet. Yeah, with feet.

Eric, I want to take this opportunity to tell you publicly that I love you, man! I mean really, that is the coolest gift ever.

To the rest of you, stop what you're doing and buy one of Erics' MDRS sets now. Clearly your money will be going to a good cause. ... at_37.html

Eric, everyone in the Sax ProShop asked me to say "thanks!"

Thanks again Eric!

-Curt and the Sax ProShop