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Episode 9: Set Up

Set-Up Station

This is the station where the saxophone comes back together and is made playable. The level pads are timed together, the Left Hand Table, side keys, and octave are set up, and any remaining clicks and clacks are removed. This station will require minor adjustments to the key-work, adjustments to the springs, and adjustment to materials. After that is accomplished, the horn can be play tested. After the play test has been completed, the key heights are adjusted and any remaining mechanical or ergonomic issues are solved. This is also the point where we work to resolve tone and intonation issues.

Set-Up Checklist

Equipment we use at this station:
Woodwind Spring Bending Levers
Spring Bending Pliers
Spring Hook
Saxophone Key Adjustment Levers
Parallel Pliers
Duckbill pliers
SuperNova Leak Light
Ultra Suede
Contact Cement
Ultimax Light, Medium, and Heavy Viscosity Key Oil
Ultimax Pivot Screw and Roller Lubricant
Ultimax Cork Grease


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