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Episode 8: Pad Leveling


Pad Leveling Station

At the padding station, the pads are meticulously leveled so that there are no leaks and they make even and consistent contact with tone holes at the same time. This process is best accomplished in a dark area so that leaks can be more easily detected. If the pad is contacting one spot on the tone hole before the rest, the adhesive behind the pad is heated to a liquid state and the high spot is pushed in. If any pads are not contacting in the back, they made be shimmed at this point. Once the pads are completely level, they can be lightly wedged shut to make a shallow impression of the tone hole in the pad.

Pad Leveling Checklist

Equipment we use at this station:
Vortex Air Torch
SuperNova Leak Light
Pad Slick
Wooden Key Wedges
Screw Drivers
Spring Hook
Pad Shims

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