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Episode 6: Materials

Materials Station

At this station, we select highly stable materials that will not compress and silencing materials that are easy to replace year after year. Generally, we choose materials that are synthetic because they work are very consistent and stable. There are three main types of key actions: keys that bump, keys that slide, and keys that bump and slide. Materials are selected accordingly for quiet action and reduced friction points of contact. Neck corks are put in place and adjusted for size to work well with the mouthpiece. This station is also where rollers are fit with Teflon tips to reduce noise. If key risers are being added to the palm keys or side keys, they are built and attached to the keys at this time.

Materials Checklist

Equipment we use at this station:
Tech cork
Natural cork
Sheet Teflon
Ultra suede
Felt discs and bumpers
Heat shrink tube
Hot glue filled shrink tube
Razor blades
Super glue gel
Contact cement
Cutting block
Neoprene cord
Digital caliper
Sanding Sticks
2 ton Epoxy
Vortex Airtorch
Cork Grease


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