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Episode 5: Cleaning and Polishing

Cleaning and Polishing Station

At this station, all of the oils, grease, micro-brass shavings, and other build-ups are removed. This is done by washing the saxophone with soft bristled brushes that will not scratch the finish, mild detergent, and warm water. Special attention is given to cleaning out the post heads, the inside of the body tube, the neck, and any places where there are build-ups, such as the palm key tone holes or the Low Eb tone hole.

Once the horn is clean and dry, the finish is polished. If the finish is lacquer, no polishing is necessary except for areas of exposed bare brass where the lacquer has worn away. If the finish is non lacquered metal (silver, brass, gold, copper), an appropriate polish is selected and the instrument is shined to perfection. Following the polishing, all springs should be coated with a small amount of oil to prevent rust.

Cleaning and Polishing Checklist

Equipment we use at this station:
Connoisseur Silver Polish
Connoisseur Silver Polishing Cloths
Microfiber polishing cloth
Ultimax Medium Viscosity Oil
Hinge tube cleaners
Mild detergent
Blue shop cloths

The Mark VI is all cleaned up and headed to Materials! The Mark VI is all cleaned up and headed to Materials!

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