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Episode 1: Quoting Station

Quoting Station

This crucial first step involves an extremely meticulous examination of the instrument. If issues are missed here, problems may occur down the line or may end up leaving a technician with extra hours of work that haven't been accounted for. The quoter's job involves having a vision of the completed saxophone and a thorough understanding of the steps necessary to get there. They will be responsible for allocating the appropriate amount of hours for each task, in addition to determining possible modifications to improve the player's comfort or the saxophone's playability. The quoter will then write up a concise quote sheet which explains all optional and non-optional work so the player can make an informed decision and evaluate the costs and benefits.

The quoter is the greatest advocate of the customer. If the quoter continues to quote too low, future customers will pay for previous customers' work. If the quote is too high, then the customer will also pay too much and perhaps choose to go elsewhere next time. The best situation is that everyone is aware of all work which must be done throughout the course of the overhaul via an accurate quote.

Inspection and Quoting Checklist

Equipment we use at this station:
SuperNova Leak Light
Screw drivers
Caliper Leak Tester
Parallel Pliers
Screw block
Rod block
Tray to place keys in