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Dear NFA,
It's the first time in many many years that hasn't attended NFA, and it's because we're taking a sabbatical from trade shows in order to design and make our own saxophone right at our shop in Wilmington, NC. But don't think we've forgotten you! We're going to miss all of our friends, the great dinners, and all of the wonderful performers! It's also a shame that we're not there to be able to share with everyone about all of our latest flute products, because we've been hard at work making great new tools. There's the longest Flute Body Mandrel in existence, the Flute Dent Barrels, and the Flute Stabilizer for polishing flutes on a mandrel.
On the pad side of things, we've been working on some synthetic flute pads that are really promising! We also wanted to show off how much our pressed and woven flute pads have improved since moving pad production in-house to our own pad factory. Our flute pads used to be our weakest pad, and now they just may be the best flute pads in the world. We're also working on an Open Hole flute pad punch that is to die for, and so much more.
Additionally, Curt and Jeff picked up some cool prototype flutes when they were in China because we're looking at importing a flute.
We hope all of our flute friends are going to have a blast at this year's conference in San Diego!
 As always, if you want a sample of our flute pads, write us at