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Curt and Jeff are heading to China this week!

Curt and Jeff are embarking on a trip this Saturday that will be a major collaborative effort between, the Sax ProShop, a new distributor, and a number of factories. They're heading to China and it will be Jeff's first trip there. First stop is visiting with Jerry and our friends at Tenon and Chateau. We are pleased to announce that Chateau is going to be's Asian distributor, which will mean that we can supply our Asian Repair friends with high quality (American Made!!) pads, tools, and supplies. The new website is nearly complete and we're excited to update them with all the progress. Our global partnership with Tenon works both ways: they make excellent instruments that we're proud to offer to the U.S. through Jerry, Tim, Snow Li, Ethan, Kevin and so many other great people from Chateau will be exhibiting along with at the Beijing Music Expo at the Beijing Expo Center. If you'll be at the show, come by Hall 1B, Booth #114 to meet our good friends at Tenon and try their well-made instruments!

After stopping at the Beijing show, Curt and Jeff are going to Taiwan to visit with factories, have some great meetings - which should involve plenty of food and drink - and visit some of the world’s finest factories. Curt found a factory that makes a really nice modern baritone sax and he's going to check that out...stay tuned!

A huge shout out goes to MusicMedic's friend Matthew Wei of Weisenberger Saxophones, who came to Wilmington last year to take the week long Sax ProShop course. Matthew is helping Curt and Jeff navigate the terrain of Taiwan's many factories. Now it's Curt and Jeff's turn to see Matthew's shop and learn about how he runs it! Isn't it great how they all help one another? Shucks you guys...

After a 3 day whirlwind tour in Taiwan, they'll head back to China and their biggest task will be a collaborative effort with Curt's friend and factory owner Leo, who is making a really fine saxophone according to our specifications for Curt and Jeff will be bringing some tools, like tone hole leveling tooling, leak lights, and some diagnostic tools and mandrels so they can work with Leo to make final adjustments to the bore taper, tone holes, and key mechanisms. Once they are totally satisfied with the prototype, they hope to place our first order of the altos. The goal is for these horns to kick butt, be rock solid in build quality, and be affordable. Curt, Jeff and the ProShop are making these horns play great and in tune, and showing Leo how to build them so they last. Truly an outstanding collaborative effort. Hey, these horns still need a name…help us out and send your ideas!

Once they wrap things up with Leo, Curt and Jeff will be visiting other factories around China. Curt is looking forward to introducing Jeff to lots of friends and people in the saxophone business. They'll be doing some consulting for a few factories, and visiting others just to check out how they approach saxophone manufacturing. In this collaboration, the factories will be able to help us with saxophone manufacturing, and we can help them with improving their instruments.

After that, they'll come back home and hit the ground running with the Sax ProShop's own saxophone build project! This will be Curt, Jeff, Ryan, Sara and Ken's ultimate collaboration, where they all use their personal strengths to work together to design and manufacture the finest and most innovative dream horns! Keep watching as these exciting projects are brought into fruition!!