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Clarinets from Sax ProShop?

ClarinetsConsidering our big focus on saxophones, this may come as a surprise but we're knee deep in clarinets! We've spent the past few years working on clarinets and the results are amazing. Back when I went on a trip to China with friend, educator, and technician Lucas Pemberton, we visited a number of clarinet factories. Since then, I got the clarinet bug and started playing more clarinet, researching and working on clarinets. Working directly with various factories many of us here at have been hired to help improve several different models of clarinets by various factories. With a focus on tone, intonation, and play-ability we're really happy with the work we've done.

Now we're considering offering a clarinet to the world. We've narrowed it down to one supplier in particular, whose clarinets are high quality and reasonably priced. I placed the first order, and I'm hoping to have this shipment in less than 2 months. The first models we are planning to offer are ABS with silver plated keys, a composite wood and and rubber model and a beautiful all wood model. These will all sport our logo and instrument name, "The Wilmington."

We are also looking to offer a bass clarinet, which is still in the development phase. If the factory can make several more of our improvements a reality, we will add this to our Wilmington line. A quality affordable Bass Clarinet is something so many of us would love to have.

And of course, The Wilmington alto saxophone is almost ready to be added to our website, which will be followed by other types of saxophones as we work with the factory to make changes.

Meanwhile, we are still making progress on designing our own saxophone from scratch, made right in the Sax ProShop. More details to follow, and we are looking forward to supplying the US and world with terrific saxophones and clarinets!