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Every year it seems like I get to go to cool new places and meet great new people. This year is no exception! I'll be flying directly from Atlanta after Atlanta Saxophone Day to Sao Paulo, Brazil for EXPOMUSIC 2015. Sao Paulo is one of the biggest cities in the world and is known for its diversity, so I'm looking forward to meeting people and experiencing the culture. It's also said to be quite beautiful, being situated in the Brazillian Highlands with both a rainforest and the ocean nearby.Brazil_-_SP

The EXPOMUSIC 2015 international music trade showtakes place from Sept 16-20, and I'll have the booth (#86) set up with new tools,new pads, plus all of the favorite tools and supplies, so I hope you'll stop by if you're in Sao Paulo!

The following week I will be in southeastern Brazil visiting with some repair technicians and checking out the nature of band instrument repair in Brazil. While this will be my first time in South America, I know there's a lot of great work going on down there because I'm a member of a Brazilian repair technicians forum that shares photos and descriptions, and from this I can see that there are many knowledgable technicians.

I'm hoping that from this trip, I can gain a good understanding of the work that people in Brazil are doing, the techniques they are using, what I can do to help them, and what I can learn from them. If you're in Sao Paulo or anywhere nearby just before or after EXPOMUSIC, send me an email or facebook message and maybe we can meet up! Some technicians have expressed interest in having me teach a course on saxophone repair or give a clinic while I'm there, so that's a possibility I'm looking into.

The plans are coming together and I hope you'll be part of them. If you know any shops that I need to visit in that area or any technicians or players I should meet, write me and let me know. Até logo!

-Curt Altarac