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Blue Hubble Buffing Compound

Let's face it, buffing is a dirty job. Of all the jobs in our trade, buffing ranks right up there with the Texas Flush as one of the filthiest jobs you can do. Even when donning protective gear for your mouth, eyes, body, hands, and everything else that you hold dear, no one will come out of the buffing room the same as they went in.

The saddest part of the job is that despite all of this effort, it doesn't result in perfection. You clean an instrument, cut, degrease,color buff, and polish small areas. After you've done all this (and hopefully cleaned yourself at some point), you only have removed the large scratches. The tiny surface scratches remain.
In our constant search for perfection we researched re-finishing instruments and examined the results carefully, we noticed that perfection doesn't always mean the same to everyone. Makers, manufacturers, and fellow repair techs in shops small and large have struggled with getting a pure mirror finish on an instrument. Take a look at the instrument you have: most likely, there are tiny scratches all over it. Even when we get new instruments directly from manufacturers, we notice those tiny scratches in the surface finish.

We invested in space, materials, tools, buffs, and compounds to find a solution to this problem, not to mention time and labor. After testing about 20 different compounds on brass and silver, we found the Blue Hubble compound to be the closest of any we have used to provide a pure mirror finish.

Though we will continue researching this aspect of finishing, the current results are clear: Blue Hubble has a lower residue build-up and less grease than the other compounds we tested. It provides a beautiful luster and a purer surface finish with fewer tiny scratches, regardless of whether it was used on a small or large buffing wheel.

Because it is such a clean compound, you can polish key touches for re-lacquering simply by using the Blue Hubble. Remove the old lacquer and polish the key in one step! With our current set up, we can achieve a nearly flawless mirror finish with Blue Hubble during the re-finishing process. Have a look for yourself: