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Bench Notes #4

Issue #4 - November 2008
Helping Those Who Help Others
This fall Julie Tomljenovic of Lord Roberts School in Vancouver, British Columbia contacted us about the mounting repair bill for the music program at her school. Like all other inner city school teachers, she has very limited resources and relies mostly on sweat equity. With forty four percent of her students' families below the poverty line or on income assistance it has been hard to create and maintain her music program, let alone a band program. Most students at her school cannot afford to rent a band instrument on their own. Yet with donations of instruments, volunteers and school subsidized rentals she has created a vibrant music program for her students. This program includes an all inclusive band program for her 6th and 7th grade students. Julie contacted us about getting some repair supplies donated so she could work on instruments in her spare time to save a little on the costs of keeping a rental fleet going. We were happy to donate supplies to the school to help with the cause. Julie contacted us with a nice letter of thanks: "...I was so happy to have some supplies for emergency repairs. My 1st clarinet players needed help with their instruments the week before our first concert and we were able to take care of all the problems after school. I was also able to get some instruments going that I wasn't able to afford to have fixed at our repair shop. We've got two new saxophonists and a flute section because of you! I am so grateful to you for helping us get through the start of the year and I will make great use of the tools and supplies you provided."

The New Pad Set Guarantee
We all know that ordering pads in sets can be a hassle. You purchase the set ahead of time and start working on the instrument, only to find out that the set you bought is not one hundred percent correct. Then you have to re-order another set or individual sizes and push back your completion date.In effort to better serve you, we have decided to guarantee all pad sets we sell. Jose from Wausau, Wisconsin (one of the first to use the pads set guarantee) wrote us: "Hey Curt, I want to tell you about my experience with your company. I ordered a set on Monday and it arrived here on Wednesday. Three of the pads in the set were not the right size. I called your shop ready for a fight. Before I could complain about the pads that did not fit, Rich asked me how many pads it was. Then he said, 'you're covered under the pad set guarantee.' I didn't even know your pad sets were guaranteed! Rich sent me the three pads that day. I started the horn and put the last three pads in on Friday. Thanks so much making my life easier and please tell Rich thanks!"

Resotech Resonators
The Resotech Resonator company is currently under going a change in ownership and should be working its back log of orders over the next few months. Resotech has not been taking orders for some time and as soon as they are up and running again you will see these excellent resonators return to our site. In the mean time, if you are looking for a tremendous set of Silver plated, Gold plated Resos, Solid Copper or Solid Brass Resonators consider our Maestro Airtight Resos.

The Complete Guide To Flute and Piccolo
Many of you have asked us when this book will be back in stock. After speaking with their management about the status of their book, we found out that they will be releasing a new edition of The Complete Guide to the Flute and Piccolo with a new cover and new valuable information on the craft of flute repair. Unfortunately we were not able to confirm an ETA for this publication. Luckily, the Saska Guide to Repairing Woodwinds is in stock with our other books and videos on the site. This book is still the definitive text on woodwind repair and covers all the aspects of padding, body work, corking, regulation, and testing of Flutes.RooPads, Precision Pads, and SaxGourmet Pads.

Mr. T. said it best, "I love it when a plan comes together."
Well, we promised to keep RooPadsSaxgourmet pads and Standard Tan pads in stock and we've done it. By revamping our internal ordering system, increasing our stock and adding additional workforce to our pad manufacturing facility, we have successfully kept all of our pads in stock. If you need any Precision Pads, just use the easy online ordering system and enjoy the benefits of; free shipping, easy ordering, fast shipment, low prices and the highest quality pads available anywhere! The sooner you switch to Precision Pads for all your repairs, the sooner you will save time and money.

The Push and Pull of Installing Pads - By Curt Altarac
In this final installment of Curt's Saxophone padding Article series, he brings together Part I: Four Variables of Sax Pad Installation, Part II: Dry Fitting and a new clear and concise method for leak work.
Read Part III: The Push and Pull of Installing Pads

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