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Bench Notes #1

Issue #1 - September 2007
Welcome to the first issue of 'Bench Notes', a woodwind repair informational from the folks at From this humble beginning, it is our hope that we can share ideas, techniques, and great new tools with you. If you have a particular topic that you would like to see discussed, please let us know! On your next visit to, be sure to check out our New blog and the new About Us page to get to know us better. If you have time, drop us a line and let us know what you think. We will be happy to get to know you a little better too. Thank you sincerely for reading 'Bench Notes' and we'll see you at the bench!

Fix Hissing Saxophone Notes
For saxophonists, particularly those playing acoustically in quartets or solo literature, the hiss that often occurs on the second octave notes such as octave A, G# and octave D on many Alto and Baritone saxophones can be a real nuisance. This hiss is most noticeable when playing softly on a hard reed. To the player, the hiss is accompanied with a feeling of resistance. This change in feel and sound is very bothersome and distracting. Luckily it is easily fixed on most saxophones, both the hiss and the resistance often disappear with the simple repair I am going to outline for you. read more...

The New MagMachine and MiniMag!
The MagMachine is a very sensitive leak detection tool for woodwind repair. It will find leaks in any instrument or tubing and is easy to use.The MiniMag has all the capabilities of the larger MagMachine yet it is an amazing 50% smaller. Technicians with small shops or limited bench space will appreciate the MiniMag. more...Leaktester


Maestro Airtight Resos
We started with the same tested surface as the Star Classic Reso, but achieved an improved airtight design by beveling the edges. The bevel results in a smooth contact surface between the pad leather and the reso, creating the first waffle resonator that won't leak. The benefits of this innovation are twofold. First, the increased surface area gives you the same great sound as the original design. Second, the constant contact with the pad leather allows the resonator to sit perfectly flat on the pad holding. Even pressure on the pad surface makes pad installation easier, holds the leather tight on the pad and helps to prevent leaks.

RooPads Gain Popularity!
In 2001 we introduced RooPads to the Saxophone community. Many technicians and players were skeptical about Kangaroo saxophone pads and the fact that these pads do not stick, last longer and make less pad noise. Today, both the Black SaxGourmet pads and the white RooPads are well known as the highest quality pads available for saxophone. RooPads have withstood the test of time. Even the most skeptical technicians and players agree that they are the finest pads available anywhere at any cost. Players in the US and abroad are insisting on RooPads. If you are a player or technician and you use RooPads, let us know about your experiences!

Kenneth Coon The Rascher Sax Quartet
James Carter Recording Artist
Paquito D'Rivera Recording Artist
Wess Anderson Julliard School of Music
Jay Mason Gordon Goodwins Big Phat Band
Wally West Tenor Saxophonist
Trent Kynaston Western Michigan Univ.
Jeff Peterson Horn Improvement
Dell Knickerbocker Quinlan and Fabish
Eric Satterlee Meridian winds
Matt Stohrer Sam Ash, NYC
Mike Manning Manning Custom
Steve Goodson Orpheus Music
Carl & Travis Thacker Carls Pro. Band
Jerry Gilbert Empire Winds, NY
and many others!

Post Aligning Pliers
Matt Scott, our key work specialist, has a talent for developing new tools. You wouldn't think that a classical saxophonist could have such a special gift for engineering, but Matt is out to prove us all wrong. Matt designed these special post bending pliers with the saxophone tech in mind. Our new pliers are much easier on an instruments' finish and greatly reduce the chance of loosening a solder joint when straightening a post. The handles on the pliers give you exceptional control over what used to be a caveman-like procedure. Available in Small and Large Size.Post Aligning Pliers






New Products!


Cutting Block

New Head Cork

Giant Pad Slick

Bench Scalpel

Hand Burnishers

Extra Thin Flute Pads