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Become a Pad Tester!

Recently, we told the world how we can truly make any pad and the world responded! We are getting requests for all sorts of odd pads for various instruments in various thicknesses. It's so great to be able to make the pads our customers need and provide a quality that we stand behind and that we can work to improve.


We have also been making and testing special pads here at to create a pad with superior materials and consistency. I think we found a winner! We have developed pads that combine natural and synthetic materials that really perform. They install easily, are super flat, are airtight, aren't sticky, and they seem to last forever. The technique and materials that we're using to keep the synthetic felt dry so it will not harden, has yielded pads that stay quiet and seal better for much longer. These pads have been in Curt's Bari for almost a year and in local player’s horns who help us test. Everyone is excited about the results.

Because of the extreme amount of work we've put into this project and the cool synthetics we're using, we have been calling these XtremePads here at the shop. They use the same great Roo leather that comes with RooPads for durability and the no-stick factor. So, these new pads are affectionately called RooPads Extreme. Extreme because they are Air tight and water tight without a sticky painted coating.

Now, we need some help from you! We made a few sample sets for Selmer MKVI tenors; if any tech wants to try these pads, let us know. Your feedback will help us to make improvements and turn the RooPads Extreme dream into reality! Because sample sets are not cheap or easy to make, we do ask that you have a MKVI Tenor ready to install these into. Send a picture of the horn and a request for a sample set to: and we'll send out a few sets to our first RooPads Extreme pioneers. If you really-really want a set for some other instrument just send an email and let Curt know.