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Around the World in Eighty Days! (Well, not quite, but close.......)

Spring is here, and I'm preparing for a number of exciting trips! On Thursday, I'm heading south to give clinics, visit shops, and bum around with my good friend Steve Goodson.


On Friday, March 20, Steve and I will be teaming up to give a clinic at Loyola University New Orleans. Tony Dagradi has invited us to meet with his saxophone studio, and we're really honored to be there. Our clinic will focus on what players should know about their saxophones, including: advanced topics in saxophone repair as they relate to players, developing an intimate knowledge of the horn, understanding the limitations of repair, and discussing the basics of mouthpieces and necks.



On Saturday, March 21, I'll be heading to my alma mater, University of Southern Mississippi, to participate in Saxophone Day! Larry Panella and Dr. Gwozdz have graciously invited me to be a part of this event, and I'll be talking with local high school students about saxophone repair, and get a chance to work with the saxophone students at USM. Following the clinics, I'll be visiting some repair shops and meeting local technicians Louisiana before heading home.



I won't be home for long, though. Just a few days later, I'm off to Washington State to Renton Technical College to meet with the Band Instrument Repair students. Big thanks to Dan Bainbridge for having me back to talk to his repair students!


On Friday, March 27, I'll spend the entire day with the students to share ideas about saxophone repair and business philosophies. The following day, the repair program will be hosting an open house with local technicians, students, musicians, and enthusiasts all welcome to attend. I'll be covering a variety of topics, and will also be teaming up with the Sax ProShop for a live virtual tour. The open house is at Renton Technical College, 3000 NE 4th Street in Renton, WA on Saturday, March 28 from 9am to 4pm, and is a great opportunity for anyone to come and check out the repair program as well.


After that, I'll be zipping back to Wilmington to prepare for our annual trip to the national conference at NAPBIRT headquarters in Normal, IL. Leah, Jeff, and I will be packing up lots of new products, old favorites, and some surprises for the 39th Annual NAPBIRT Conference from April 10-13th. After the first day, Leah and Jeff will hold down the booth (which will have excellent swag if you use the secret phrase of the day included in the NAPBIRT materials!) while I whisk off to Frankfurt, Germany for the Musikmesse trade show from April 15-18. I'm looking forward to introducing Germany to the new Chocolate RooPads and RooPads Extreme.


Following the Messe, I'll be heading northwest to Amsterdam, Holland. I'll be giving a clinic on saxophone repair at the Conservatorium Van Amsterdam. Following the clinic, I'm looking forward to visiting with some music stores and customers throughout Holland and the Netherlands.


That's just the beginning... where will I go next? I'll give you a hint …...........  Nín hǎo!