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A permanent fix for loose adjustment screws on Saxophone.

One of the problems that we continue to experience during the overhaul of vintage Selmers (and some other vintage saxophones) is adjustment screw wobble. I think some technicians bung-up the threads to make these screws fit with some drag; rather than rattle out of adjustment. This eventually damages the threads on both sides and results in a looser fit all around.

So, here's what we're doing in the Sax ProShop to every large adjustment screw that comes through:

We have been installing a piece of mono-filament line (fishing line) that fits snug in the adjustment screw allowing it to grab in the threaded hole. The mono-filament line seems to hold up well over several adjustments without just turning to threads that are also loose!

The result is adjustment screws that do not need to be bunged-up any longer, do not need Loctite, and do not slip, rattle or come out of adjustment.

Here is the process for you technically-minded people. This tiny "modification" is one that we've been doing on all of our Sax ProShop overhauls for some time now:

1. Note that the screw has no way to stay 'tight.' Any adjustments are somewhat temporary.

2. We made this little tool for each type of thread we've encountered. In the future and as we improve this little deal, I'll make them from steel.

3. Drill the hole through the screw (1mm).

4. De-burr the little hole with a triangle reamer.

5. Cut the 1mm diameter mono-filament line to a point and press it through the hole.

6. Cut it flush with the threads on both sides and install.

7. Enjoy the peace of mind that secure adjustment screws gives you.

This idea, like everything we have and do, is a collaboration of several wonderful technicians here at the Sax ProShop. Together, we're really doing some wonderful things. So, thanks to everyone in the Sax ProShop for doing such great work and improving the saxophone!