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A letter from our friend Travis Thacker at Carl's Pro Band!

Yeah, we make woodwind tools, but it seems like people find original ways to use them. Today I got this note from my friend Travis fromCarl's Pro Band who used the Post Fitting Pliers to fit a rotary tuba. As you know, the guys at Carl's Pro Band are world class technicians and when they tell me something, I listen.

Here's what Travis Said:

Hey Curt,
Just wanted to let you know of a new use (to me) for the Post Swedging Pliers. I was working on an old Alexander rotary tuba and the lever rod was wobbling around inside the bridge posts (making excess noise). I used the Post Fitting Pliers to tighten the post holes down and it worked like a dream. I attached a few pictures for you as well. Thanks again for the great tools!

Thanks Travis! Keep up the great work! If I have a run in with a Tuba, I'm calling you.