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A letter from Kenneth Coon

Shortly after I posted this Blog about our visit with Ken, this letter showed up in the mail.

"Dear Curt,

Just a quick note to thank you, Jen, Matt and the entire MusicMedic team for making my visit to Wilmington such a fruitful and enjoyable one. I know all too well how busy you and the whole gang are; especially considering the ongoing renovation of, and upcoming move into the new MusicMedic building. My noggin is STILL reeling from the staggering size of the project! I cannot over emphasize how awed I am with the work that is taking place on that venture, and I cannot wait to see the finished product! As with all of your endeavors, this too will certainly be an ENORMOUS triumph!

After our visit I started to shuffle through my memory a bit. My last visit to your shop was before the RSQ’s workshop in Fredonia. That would have been July 06. Since then “our” baritone has seen action on four continents, in about twenty five different countries, in approximately 175 concert performances and in roughly 20 radio, television and CD productions. It has logged bucket loads of frequent flyer miles and European railways points. It has dealt with the freezing temperatures of cities like Tromsø, Norway, the extreme humidity of places like Seoul, Korea, and the intense heat and sunshine of locales such as Palermo, Italy.

Add to all that more than a few practice and rehearsal hours and I guess you could say that it has had a pretty strenuous workout these last two-and-a-half years.

Considering such a work load, and taking into account that the horn is pushing 60 years old, I am amazed at how well it has held up and how relatively little “tuning-up” was needed. This is obviously the result of the superior WORK, CARE and COMMIMENT that you and Matt have dedicated to this instrument as well as the others in my collection. I am well aware of the finely detailed and creative work that you and your team have invested into my instruments. This alone is, to say the least, remarkable. However I am just as impressed with how DURABLE the work has been. Simply amazing!!!

Curt, all the seasons that I have had performing with the Raschèr Saxophone Quartet have be tremendous and special, however I truly believe that the seasons since January 2005 (this was when I first started using saxophones blessed by MusicMedic in concert) have been my most successful and certainly most enjoyable. Truly, a priceless gift!!!

Many people ask me why I travel to western North Carolina to have my instruments overhauled. I always tell them that it is the same reason I like to visit Asia to have my clothes made. The nicest Hugo Boss off the rack pales in comparison to the fit of a finely tailored suit made just for me. You and your team’s tireless efforts and remarkable results surpass the finest tailors that I know.

Yours, with utmost respect, undying gratitude and unwavering friendship,

Kenneth Coon
The Raschèr Saxophone Quartet"