Saxophone Pads Saxophone Pads are hand assembled, using high quality leather wrapped around firm woven felt with a cardboard backing. They are also sold with a variety of resonator options.

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We have an expanding selection of thicknesses, resos, leather and felt types. Click below to start exploring our saxophone pad selection.  

Chocolate RooPads are Temporarily SOLD OUT!

Due to the overwhelming popularity of Chocolate Roo Pads, we're going to need a little time to prepare to bring you the best RooPads the world has to offer. Chocolate RooPads will be back for purchase by 5/4/15. If you need Chocolate RooPadset replacement pads, Don't worry! - We have got you covered. Please contact us about getting your replacement pads right away. All current Chocolate RooPad orders have been filled and shipped, So if you just ordered some Chocolate RooPads- they are already on their way to you!






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