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Conn Curved Soprano

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Conn Curved Soprano

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This little Conn Curved Soprano has held up nicely over the last 90+ years, retaining about 95% of its original silver plating. To make it play and feel as beautiful as it looks, we sent it through the ProShop for an extensive Uberhaul. In addition to making the body and key work totally perfect, we replaced all of the springs with gold-plated steel needle springs, installed all new pearls, replaced the small Bis pearl with a larger pearl in a more practical location, installed new pearl rollers, and added adjustment screws to the top and bottom stack back bars. Here are some pictures we took along the way.




Conn curved sopranos are well-known for their flexibility in tone and intonation, and are one of the two most popular types of vintage curved sopranos in the classical world of saxophone along with the Buescher. Their range of tone also makes them great for jazz. This particular soprano plays freely, easily, and is lots of fun to play! It retains around 95% of its original silver plating and received an Uberhaul with full mechanical restoration. We replaced the Bis Bb pearl with an enlarged pearl in a more practical location. We also installed adjustment screws on the top and bottom stacks for simple adjustments. This soprano features all new pearls, all new pearl rollers, gold plated needle springs, and white RooPads with flat metal resonators.

All of our saxophones come with Pad Magic, Ultimax Key Oil, a Microfiber Cloth, a Swab, and plated horns come with Tarnishield Strips. No mouthpiece or case included. We do have some older cases, so if you are interested let us know and we'll see what we can find. We recommend purchasing a new sturdy case and can help you find the right one if you would like.

All of our vintage saxophones undergo an Uberhaul, which you can learn more about here. The workmanship on all Uberhauls is guaranteed . All Uberhauled saxophones are eligible for a C.O.A. (Clean Oil and Adjust), which is our yearly service plan that restores instruments to a freshly Uberhauled state, and is also a great time to make further personal adjustments or modifications. Shipping in the lower 48 states is free, but international shipping is also available. We have worked with the postal service to develop the safest possible shipping method so your new saxophone will arrive in excellent condition. Customers are also welcome to come to the Sax ProShop in Wilmington, NC to pick up your new saxophone: take this opportunity to play test your new horn and work briefly with a specialized technician to make some final minor adjustments.

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